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Have you been thinking about becoming a Pruvit Promoter??

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I invite you to become a Pruvit Promoter with me. 

You will not only be joining a great team, but you will get support from a Pruvit Pro Champ who has been involved with the company since it's early stages.

I will help you charge toward your goals with my experience and knowledge of the Pruvit community and products.

Join a top performing team (sponsor/upline) that has experience in being a Pruvit Promoter and can support you.

Myself and my sponsors have

been with Pruvit since nearly the start, and we understand Pruvit inside and out. We have had great success in helping others to achieve their goals.

Are you looking to build a Top Pruvit Team and go FAST?

Prüvit..... Take the Go Challenge.

Are you looking to Join a Top Promoter in Pruvit?

Join a Top Pruvit Team Today!

Here's a Great Way to Start with one of the Pruvit Promoter Kit's


What does it cost to become a Pruvit Keto OS Promoter ( a.k.a. Pruvit Keto OS Distributor?

  • The cost is 49.00 USD yr to become a promoter ( Backoffice and website will be included)

How and when do I get paid?

  • All bonuses are calculated on either a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual period (depending on the bonus).

  • A pay “week” begins at 12:00am Monday morning and ends at 11:59pm the following Sunday. Times are based on Pruvit Rewards Time Zone (RTZ) as displayed inside the Prüvit Cloud (

  • A pay “month” is based on a calendar month.

  • All monthly commissions will be calculated and paid on the 15th of the following month.

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